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By agreeing to the terms and conditions below, I request access to Capon Valley Bank's CaponConnect Mobile Deposit application through the CaponConnect Mobile platform. I agree to abide by the following during my usage of the Mobile Deposit application:
  • I will endorse all Mobile Deposit items with "For Mobile Deposit Only to CAPON VALLEY BANK" and my full Signature
  • I will not attempt to deposit any of the following items types:
    • Checks drawn on foreign institutions or not drawn in US Dollars
    • Savings Bonds
    • Third Party Checks (originally payable to anyone other than an account owner)
    • Checks payable to "CASH"
    • Items with missing or illegible information, or with any altered information
    • Checks payable to multiple parties (unless all payees are account owners)
    • Checks with any type of conditional endorsement
    • Post-dated or stale-dated (more than 6 months old) checks
    • Any known or suspected fraudulent items
    • Any item known to not have funds available for payment
    • Any item purported to be a lottery or prize winning
    • Any item previously returned for any reason
    • Any check in excess of $2000 or my approved limit
  • I understand that items presented via CaponConnect Mobile Deposit may not be available for immediate use
  • I understand that CaponConnect Mobile Deposit will perform validation to my deposited item in real-time and that the item may be rejected upon review if it fails to meet all guidelines for acceptance
  • I agree to abide by the current CaponConnect Mobile Deposit terms and conditions
  • I understand that my access to CaponConnect Mobile Deposit may be terminated at any time should it be used in a manner inconsistent with the product terms and conditions
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