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Round Up Your Change!  You can round up debit card purchases to grow your savings.  Use your Seneca Savings Visa® to make everyday purchases and Seneca Savings will round up the change on the transaction to the nearest whole dollar amount.  The difference will automatically transfer from your checking account to destination savings or checking account of your choice at the end of each business day.  If  you need to open an account to round up to fill out this application and come back after you receive your account number and sign up for Round Up Your Change!  


I authorize Seneca Savings to add Round Up Your Change to the designated checking account provided on this form.  All rounded up funds will be transferred to the below listed recipient account.

*If you select a recipient account you are not the owner of any funds transferred to the account as a result of the Round Up Your Change are irreversible transfers to the owner(s) of that account.

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By submitting this application, I (each person jointly and severally) apply for the service listed above. As an account owner, I am subject to all of its bylaws and rules as amended from time to time. I certify that all information given is correct. It is understood that round up transfers will not be posted immediately but will be posted as a single transaction after the daily totals.  These transfers will happen the next day after the transaction posts.  You further understand if your account has insufficient funds the round up transfer will not occur or will only occur for the amount available in your checking account.  You may cancel this authorization at any time by submitting written notice to Seneca Savings.


Federal law requires that we obtain your consent before providing required disclosures electronically.  Your consent will apply only to this transaction.  If you prefer to recieve paper copies free of charge after consenting to recieve electronic disclosures please call (315) 638-0233 and request them.  Because we may provide certain disclosures to you as soon as you consent, but prior to submitting your online application, you will not be able to withdraw your consent to recieve those disclosures electronically.  However, you may withdraw your consent to recieve future disclosures electronically at any time.  Such withdrawal will not affect the validity of the disclosures already given.   

I/We AGREE with the above statement.  By clicking submit below I/WE wish to proceed with the application and acknowledge receipt of the above disclosures electronically.  Submit is considered my/our electronic signature.

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